We are serving 'Authentic', 'Handcrafted', 'High Quality' family style Japanese cuisine by Japanese family Since 1997 in Renton WA. 

It is hard to find traditional true Japanese family style cuisine and sushi. 

Enjoy simple high quality ingredients,  feel the beauty of season, create healthy & delicious, also enjoy to look. 

***we use healthy vegetable oil for our foods

***we use Nishiki premium rice

***we use Blue fin tuna  etc...
We do our best, each handcrafted food we cook and serve to each customer, to enjoy real Japanese culture through our food. We also serve variety of  Sake, Japanese Beer, local wine.

We believe a good food & service that warm your heart, and bring smiles and happiness to you...Japanese comfort, blissful cuisine is here with us. 

Please consider us private party, catering, special diet orders. 

**Free Parking Available **

    next to the Building (plenty spots and flat)

Welcome to New Zen Japanese Restaurant  

Contact: yumi@newzensushi.com


Inflight/Cartering: 206-295-8741  24/7

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Inflight Catering 24/7 

Corporate Catering, Private Event  


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509 S. 3rd St., Suite A

Renton,  WA 98057



COVID-19 update:3/19//2021~
    ****No, Table Service****
    ****Yes, Take-out****  
    ***Delivery by DoorDash*** 
     ***Face mask required***

for our safety


Business Hours:

​             Monday - Fridya 

                    12pm - 8pm 


3pm - 8pm 



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