**Some of these items are served raw or undercooked. Eating raw or undercooked meats, poultry, eggs, fish, or shellfish may increase your risk of food bone illness. Especially if you are young children, an older adult or have certain immune compromising illnesses.

**price may vary** 

===Regular Rolls===

AvoCu Roll アボきゅう $3.5/3.5

Avocado Cucumber

California Roll カリフォルニア $6.5/3.75

 Avocado, Cucumber, Crab salad California

*Deluxe California Roll $6.95/3.95 カリフォルニア デラックス Avocado, Cucumber, Crab salad, smelt Roe

*Creamy Scallop Roll $7.25/4.5 クリーミーほたて Scallop, Smelt roe, Avocado, Cucumber

Philadelphia Roll フィラデルフィア $6.5/3.75

Cream cheese, Avocado, Cucumber

Salmon Skin Roll サーモンスキン $6.75/4.5  Salmon Skin, smelt roe. Cucumber, Burdock, Radish sprout

Sweet Potato Tempura Roll $6.5/4.0

Tempura Roll 天婦羅 $6.75/4.5 

 Shrimp Tempura, Cucumber, Avocado

Unakyu Roll うなきゅう $9.0/4.5

 Fresh Water Eel, Cucumber ​​

Vegetable Roll 野菜 $6.5/4.0

Avocado, cucumber, burdock, radish sprout

Washington Roll ワシントン $7.5/4.25 

 Smoked salmon, cream cheese, Avocado

===Our Originals Rolls===

New Zen Sushi Menu

*Deluxe Negihama Roll   $9.50

Yellow tail, green onion, cucumber, radish sprout, smelt caviar

*Rainbow Roll   $14.50

California roll covered with fresh tuna, salmon, snapper, shrimp, avocado

===Japanese Favorite Rolls===

Futo Roll 太巻き $6.5 Shiitake Mushroom, Squash, Spinach, Fish powder, Pickles, egg omelet

Kappa(cucumber) maki かっぱ $3.0/3.0

Kanpyo maki Cooked squash $3.0 /3.0

Natto maki Fermented soy been $3.5 /3.5

*Negihama ねぎはま $7.0/7.0

Yellow Tail & Green Onion

*Tekka maki (tuna) Fresh tuna鉄火巻き $4.5/4.5 

*Sake maki Fresh Salmon $4.5/4.5

Oshinko maki おしんこ巻 Daikon radish $3.0/3.0

Inari いなり Sweet tofu pocket 2pcs $3.0/na

Ichi Roll  $9.50

Tempura shrimp, crab salad, cucumber avocado, radish sprout, smelt caviar

(Brown Rice available. expect extra time)

===Spicy Rolls===

Hot & Spicy California スパイシーカリフォルニア $6.75/4.0  California roll and spicy sauce

*Hot & Spicy Tuna スパイシーまぐろ $7.25/4.0

Tuna, Cucumber, Avocado

*Hot & Spicy Salmon スパイシー鮭 $7.25/4.0

Salmon, cucumber, Avocado

Extra Spicy Crunchy  Roll 

Spicy Tuna, jalapeno, avocado, cucumber coverd tempura crunch $8.95*

*Seared Slamon Roll  $12.95

Californial roll covered seared salmon

*Sashimi Apperitzer $12.5 up

2pc each tuna, salmon, snapper

*Sashimi Dinner $19.5

2pc each tuna, yellow tail, salmon, snapper



*Tokyo Sushi Set $29.5

2pc tuna and salmon, 1 pc yellow tail, eel, scallop, cooked shrimp, squid, snapper , choice of  California roll or Tuna roll  

*Yokohama Sushi Set $22.0

1pc each of tuna, salmon, yellow tail, snapper, shrimp, mackerel, egg, squid, choice of California roll or tuna roll  


*Chirashi Nami $17.5

tuna, salmon, yellow tail, shrimp, snapper, surf clam, egg, mackerel, shiitake mushroom, seaweed, squash 

*Chirashi Jo $22.5

tuna, salmon, yellow tail, scallop, salmon roe, shrimp, snapper, surf clam, egg, mackerel, squid, shiitake mushroom 


*Tekka-Don $16.5

Fresh Tuna 6pc on sushi rice and seaweed 

*Salmon-Don $16.5

Fresh Salmon 6pc on sshi rice and seaweed 

Unagi-Don $18.5

Eel 6pcs on rice 

Sakura Roll さくら巻
Tempura Asparagus roll covered crab salad, unagi sauce, spicy mayo, fish powder. $9.5


Monky Brain   $10.00

Tempura staffed Avocado and spicy Tuna and crab salad, spicy mayo & Unagi sauce (no rice)

Real Crab Roll   $8.95

Snow crab, asparagus, avocado rolled soy paper 

==Nigiri Sushi== 


*Amaebi       甘エビ    $3.5
 Sweet Shrimp

 Ebi          えび           $2.0
 cooked Shrimp             

*Hamachi       はまち     $3.0
 Yellow Tail 

 Hokki-gai  ほっき貝    $2.0
 Surf Clam

*Hotate-gai ホタテ貝   $3.0

*Ika               いか        $2.0

*Ikura             いくら     $3.0
 Salmon Roe

 Kani                かに        $2.0
 Snow Crab

*Maguro          まぐろ     $2.5

*Masago          まさご     $2.0
 Smelt Roe

*Saba              さば        $2.0

*Sake              さけ      $2.5
 Fresh or Smoked Salmon

*Tai                  たい        $2.0

Tamago          たまご    $1.5
Sweet Egg Omelet         

*Tobiko           とびこ    $2.5
 Flying Fish Roe                 

 Unagi             うなぎ   $3.0
 Fresh Water Eel 

=Seasonable Nigiri sushi=    

*Sea Urchin,* Amber Jack

*Spanish Mackerel,* Halibut

=American Favorite Rolls=

Spider Roll  $9.50

Crunchy fired soft shell crab, crab salad, cucumber, avocado, radish sprout, smelt caviar  

*Fire Dragon Roll   $14.5 

Spicy Tuna roll decorated fresh tuna, red smelt caviar, dried chille