Miso Soup $1

Rice $1

Salad $1

​To add any meal

Sukiyaki        すき焼き         $15.5  
Thin Sliced Beef, Tofu, Nappa, Mushroom, carrot, Onion, Potato noodle, Green Onion in soy broth

​Tofu Sukiyaki                                $13.5
Tofu, Nappa, Mushroom, Carrot, Onion, Potato noodle, Green Onion in soy broth

Tempura Samplar                        $8.95

2 Prawn & 4 Vegetabe

++Add Shrimp $2.0 each

Vegetable Tempura samplar         $8.0

8pcs seasonal vegetable

Tonkatsu          トンカツ           $12.5
Pork Loin Panko Fried

Chicken Katsu                              $12.5
Chicken Breast Panko Fried

Beef Teriyaki   照焼きビーフ        $14.5
New York Steak w/Teriyaki Sauce

Beef Shioyaki                               $14.5

New York Steak w/Salt & Pepper 

Chicken Shioyaki                          $12.5

Chicken Thigh w/Salt & Pepper

Salmon Teriyaki                            $12.5
Salmon Fillets w/Teriyaki Sauce

Salmon Shioyaki                          $12.5
Salmon Fillets w/Salt & Pepper

Saba Shioyaki                              $12.5
Broiled Mackerel

Sushi Samplar                              $9.85

4pcs California Roll, a Tuna, a Salmon, a Shrimp

Sashimi Samplar                          $12.5

Tuna, Salmon, Snapper 2pcs each

Yakisoba  Fried Noodle 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday only

Choose: Vegetable only, with Chicken 


=ラーメンRamen   $12.95=
ONLY serve
Tuesday, Wendsday, Thursday  

Choose fravor: Tonkotsu, Soy, Salt, Miso

***Price may vary

***Serving may differ from Dining in

=Curry Rice=

Pork Katsu Curry                $12.5

Pork loin panko fried

Chicken Katsu Curry           $12.5

Chicken breast panko fried

Minced meat Katsu curry     $12.5

Croquette Curry                  $12.5 


Simple Curry                       $8.95

(Rice Bowl)

Katsu-Don カツ丼              $11.95
Pork loin panko fried, Eggs, Onion, Green Onion, red ginger on the rice

Oyako-Don  親子丼     $11.5
Chicken, onion, eggs, green onion, seaweed, red ginger 

=Noodle Soup= Udon or Soba

Simple かけそば、すうどん $9 
Green Onion, Kamaboko-Fishcake

Chicken or Beef                                $12.95
Chicken or Beef, Onion, Green Onion

Tempura 天婦羅                  $13.95 
2pcs Tempura Shrimps, 2pcs Vegetables, Green Onion

Nabeyaki Udon 鍋焼きうどん           $13.95
Tempura Shrimp, Shiitake, Egg, Spinach Chicken, Kamaboko, Green Onion